Episode 28

028: How to build a coaching business that makes you happy

Published on: 30th August, 2021

This week’s guest is Kicki Westerberg. Kicki is a business coach servicing the Swedish market. She started her online business as a traditional business coach but realized that she built the wrong business for herself. Then she started to work with other coaches and also started to incorporate spirituality together with NLP (neuro-linguistic programming). Today she teaches coaches to grow in her program unstoppable so that they can go out and do the same for their clients.

We talked about…

>> Setting goals in line with your purpose (and how to find it)

>> Balancing masculine and female energy in our business

>> How to start listening to yourself more and find out what your ideal business looks like

>> How to pivot towards your ideal business

Episode Links and Mentions:

>> Hal Elrod's Miracle Morning

>> Kicki's Instagram @kicki_westerberg

>> Kicki's Website

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