Episode 49

049: Marketing for Coaches - Build a thriving coaching practice

Published on: 30th August, 2022

Building a successful coaching business is almost entirely about marketing.

And marketing is all about the quality of your core content…

In episode 49 of the Profitable Online Coaching Podcast, I'm breaking down the most efficient and proven marketing strategies for coaches to grow their business from $0 to $100k (or more) in about 12-18 months. 

But before we get into the details… Do you know what's common in every successful coach's understanding of marketing?

Two things:

>> Marketing for coaches isn't just about getting people to see what you're selling. It's also about building authority and trust.

>> Marketing for coaches is as much about planning as it is about ideating. Listen, measure, look, plan and oversee your marketing. 

If you think social media is the best way to market your coaching business, you're in for a surprise. Because the best marketing asset you can build is probably also the most underrated: your blog, for example.

In this Episode we talked about:

>> The best way to go about your marketing is to measure and listen to what's happening in your own marketing. Multiply the marketing effort that is giving the most reward.

>> Blogging is a perfect way for coaches to advertise themselves. Because it does the advertising without explicitly showing they're advertising. Blogging is a way of proving your authority and placing your content high up in Google search rankings.

>> How to start a blog if you're a non-writer? Start a podcast! Turn your audio content into pieces of writing or hire professional writers to do the writing for you.

>> Do you need 1000's of visitors to get your blog to support your business? Absolutely not. Even if you just have a few hundred people visiting your website, you will start selling if you’ve built your content plan correctly and are attracting the right people.

>> Wait until you're fully booked for a while before offering paid resources or courses. It will help you broaden your outreach instead of narrowing it down.

>> Make sure your content is designed specifically for the kind of people that need you.  And focus on the conversion rate.

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